From Faux Secularism To Idolizing of a Terrorist (Ishrat Jehan) Misleading the Nation-II

IV. Absence of Investigative Reporting of Congress Scams

While questions are asked of the kind of reporting biased media do, questions also need to be asked about the kind of reporting they DO NOT DO.

1) A case in point is that of Pawan Bansal’s massive corruption that came to the fore through the CBI. It has been said that the purpose of letting the CBI onto Bansal was for ousting Manmohan loyalists from the cabinet (check this). The consequent sudden clean chit by CBI proves that the CBI was indeed used.

Prior to getting Bansal sacked, the CBI exposed 5 years of misuse of office by Bansal and his relatives and massive corruption and looting through several mechanisms. The question that the MSM needs to answer is how ministers can indulge in 5 years of massive corruption and none in the MSM learn of it until this is revealed by some investigation (even if motivated).

If the smart, savvy, and know-all MSM anchors had no clue about massive scams like CWG, 2G, Coal Gate, Railway Gate, Thorium Gate, Rotting Food Grains, NHRM, and several others happening during UPA 1 and UPA2, are they really fit to be journalists or run TV channels? Why should such inept and incompetent people even be allowed to run media houses? On the other hand, if they did know and did not reveal it to the people, then they deserve to be in prison along with the rest of the Congress scamsters.

The brazen MSM continues to “report” as if such massive scams occurring for years and years while they were winning Padmashris for journalism are “normal”. The swagger and overconfidence when painting the BJP and its stalwarts as communal, comes from the very same “journalists” who lacked efficiency and/or integrity to uncover these Congress mega-scams.

2) Not a single large Indian media house dared to touch the subject taken up by a foreign publication that published that Sonia Gandhi was the fourth richest person with $19 billion in overseas accounts. Neither did they report it and hold debates on it, NOR did they challenge it with your own investigations.

V. Dividing Society for Promoting Congress’ Faux Secularism

The larger scheme of things for the MSM has been to peddle the faux secularism practiced by the Congress party to create and cultivate vote banks of radical minorities. The media has been an active partner in promoting such faulty definitions of secularism by propagating victimhood of radical Muslims so as to divide society and brand the BJP as communal.

To promote a faulty definition of secularism by peddling victimhood is by itself worthy of scathing criticism, but when this is done through means like distortion of facts, promoting fabrications, and withholding of facts, entities that participate in such campaigns must be made to answer.

Defamation laws must certainly take account of deliberate and focused attempts to malign and such entities must be made to face the consequences of their deliberate lies.

The attempt to malign Narendra Modi for Gujarat 2002 (but such attempts seem to have largely backfired) by propagating victimhood of radical Muslims to divide society was done by the media as a part of the larger scheme of peddling the idea of false secularism of the Congress.

Picking only on the Gujarat 2002 riots despite the fact that the country has witnessed severe communal riots both prior to 2002 (including the infamous Nellie massacre where 3300 Muslims were massacred in Assam) and after it (including the recent Assam riots) is evidence of this. Additionally, the media has been largely silent on the Hashimpura massacre that occurred under the directives of a Congress minister in 1987.

It may also be noted that many of the Hindu-Muslim riots that occurred prior to 2002 were more severe in terms of duration they lasted, number displaced, loss of property, and numbers killed, and number of Muslims killed.

Many of the riots happened in Congress regimes and under the watch of Congress CMs but no debates have been held by the MSM to discuss the “complicity” of CMs under whose watch these riots occurred or to discuss competence of these CMs in effective management of law and order to control the riots.

This reveals the MSM’s intention to play propagandists for the divisive Congress party. Fortunately, this larger scheme has been seen through and is constantly challenged by social media activists so that, time and again media lies have been exposed.

Apart from Hindu-Muslim communal riots, the 1984 Sikh Genocide took place after Indira Gandhi’s death, was perpetrated by high ranking Congress politicians but for which the Congress party has, even after 29 years, managed to scuttle the justice process that would have provided closure to the victims and their families.

That the media works as peddlers of the faux secularism of the Congress and encourages divisiveness is even by itself, an extremely dangerous phenomenon.

Under the UPA regime of the last 9 years, there has been a systematic attempt to subvert institutions like the CVC, CAG, CEC, ED, and even the judiciary. The CBI, which never had autonomy has become a “Caged parrot” of the ruling UPA government and instances of its misuse may be hard to count and keep track of.

VI. Implications of Media Coverage Of The Ishrat Jehan Case

Even before the Ishrat Jehan case, the Congress has engaged in devious games of deception such as where “saffron terror” was sought to be implicated.

In the Ishrat Jehan case, the MSM narrative on fake encounters conspicuously omits the number of such alleged encounters in various states and under CMs of various parties. The NHRC figures state that between 2002 and 2007, there were 440 alleged fake encounters in the country, of which 231 were in UP, while in Gujarat there were 4 such encounters that include the Ishrat Jehan and Sohrabuddin cases. Despite Gujarat having a record of very few such alleged encounters, almost all media attention pertaining to fake encounters has been focused on Gujarat.

The narrative fails to point out the Ishrat Jehan alleged fake encounter was cherry picked from as many as 440 alleged fake encounters in the country even though the victim of the encounter-Ishrat Jehan has been named as a proven terrorist by the country’s Intelligence Bureau and even by the Ministry of Home Affairs under a Congress government. MSM media have failed to indicate that such cherry picking amounts to a deliberate witch hunt by the Congress, using its “caged bird”, the CBI for harassing and maligning their bête noire, Narendra Modi

The Ishrat Jehan case symbolizes the dangerous depths to which the media have fallen in their attempts to peddle faux secularism. NDTV’s (partial) report was one such example of biased reporting which was questioned by Kartikeya Tanna here and here and analyzed by Ravinar brilliantly.

The lame response to the questions raised by Tanna, was once again exposed as an attempt at obfuscation and evasion. Read more from Ravinar on Congress-media communal politics on the Ishrat Jehan case here.

What makes the media role as dividers even more dangerous is that their fabrications are now threatening India’s national security and compromising institutions such as the Intelligence Bureau.

The media propagates a faulty definition of secularism that is discriminatory rather than one that would treat all citizens as equal and one that would treat all as Indians rather than treat them as majority, minority, backward caste, upper caste, and so on. A definition of secularism that says that a certain group be treated as one entitled to privileges is divisive in itself.

Unbelievably, the narrative has taken on ominous proportions such that the Indian media are now actively promoting and legitimizing not just radical Islam, but also terrorism, rather than promoting moderate Islam and creating an ethos where moderates can assume leadership of the Muslims in the country. This would be truly useful in helping the community see real progress.  Episodes such as these are but a direct consequence of MSM narratives that condone terrorism in the name of faux secularism.

The problem with definitions and policies that favor one side as well as work for radicalizing that side are that more and more must be given to that side to keep it happy. Demands for quotas and Sharia courts are just some of the possible consequences of the dangerous games that the Congress is playing for vote banks, and which the MSM is aiding and abetting.  Note how such “secularism” has to be progressive constantly.

Progressive secularism is symbolized in how the new face (poster girl) of secularism is Ishrat Jehan’s mother while the former was Zakia Jaffri. From the family of riot casualty to that of a proven LeT operative, as the symbol of secularism, there has been massive “evolution” .

To dignify a proved terrorist as a martyr is not something one would have imagined was even possible and no other so-called “left” “liberal” media in the world has ever condoned terrorism on their own respective lands.

Although it is true that the social media actively challenge and disprove many of the biased mainstream media’s contentions, it is sad that Indians citizens are being consistently and deliberately misled. Indian citizens have to sift through tons of obfuscation before they can glean the truth about current affairs and learn the truth not BECAUSE of the media but INSPITE of it.


Why do Indian citizens not know who Haji Bilal is? Misleading the Nation-I

I. Biased Reporting and Gross Omissions:

Biased reporting by the MSM may have existed before, but biased reporting using fabricated content and factual distortions began perhaps with their coverage of the post-Godhra Gujarat 2002 riots.

Little said about the “trigger”, the Godhra carnage

MSM personalities like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep, Barkha, Sagarika, and Arnab must answer why the incident that triggered the Gujarat riots, namely the Godhra train burning carnage has barely been reported, analyzed, debated, or talked about in the MSM (More on Godhra here).

Complete obliteration of the Congress connection to the Godhra carnage

The above personalities must also be asked why the MSM has not conducted debates and discussions on the Congress-party’s hand in triggering the Gujarat riots when the main conspirator and perpetrator Haji Bilal of the Godhra carnage was a Congress party leader when the incident occurred.

If one tries to google the name of Haji Bilal it will be hard to find any mainstream newspaper or TV news channel reports Haji Bilal, the man that triggered it all!  The MSM’s refusal to acknowledge and speak of perpetrators of communal violence acts if they are Muslims and if they belong to the Congress party is thus obvious. Contrast this with the endless and infinite coverage of Muslim “victims” (real or imagined) including Zakia Jaffri and the latest Ishrat Jehan (notwithstanding that the latter had been named as a proven terrorist by the country’s Intelligence Burea and even by the Ministry of Home Affairs under a Congress government).

The failure of the MSM to speak about Haji Bilal and his Congress affiliations, to hold even one independent debate on the Godhra train burning carnage, or name a single Hindu victim from the 58 who were roasted alive in the Sabarmati Express speaks for itself. Compare and contrast with the endless coverage of the Gujarat 2002 post-Godhra riots where 789 Muslims and 250 Hindus died.

II.  MSM Lies

1) The MSM has lied time and again labeling the post-Godhra Gujarat 2002 2-way riots as a Genocide or Pogrom (not to forget it was triggered by a communal violence incident started by a Muslim Congress leader that resulted in the death of 58 Hindu men, women, and children).

Note the faulty labels flung around: A genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic extermination of a racial, cultural, or political group. A pogrom is defined as an organized massacre.

Can 2-way riots that lasted for 3 days be characterized as either a genocide or a pogrom? How can riots that were triggered by a burning to death of Hindu pilgrims be considered as an organized massacre or a pogrom against Muslims? How can riots in which those rioters who were shot by the police (state machinery) had 60% of Hindus and 40% of Muslims?

Any media group that has used or promoted the two words Genocide and Pogrom in the context of the post-Godhra Gujarat 2002 riots, needs to apologize for using inappropriate words as well as state that the usage was wrong based on statistics and findings of courts and other committees.

If BJP has any self-respect, it must approach courts for objectionable use of these words, even sue for slander, the entities that have willfully been using such labels and fabrications repeatedly.

2) Aided and abetted by panelists like Teesta Setalvad and Sanjeev Bhatt who were later discredited and now face charges of perjury and other serious offences in courts of law, the MSM have promoted lies and fabrications to be repeated over and over again. The onus of checking the credentials of panelists must lie with the media houses that invite them. Moreover, if certain facts are being deliberately mis-stated by these panelists, the onus to point out factual errors must lie with media houses.

Wherever such factual errors have been let pass it is essential to hold that specific anchor/commentator responsible for willful misreporting or irresponsible reporting. Once again, the BJP must gather such instances through videos of debates on various channels collected from 11 years of coverage and seek legal recourse about this willful witch-hunt of Narendra Modi.

Deliberate biases of reporting rather than neutral reporting are an offence when those with such biases distort facts, engage in fabrications and half-truths, and use innuendo and insinuations to spread falsities as propaganda. All MSM entities must be made answerable for each such instance.

III. Protecting the Corrupt And the Incompetent

1) Reporting of these Congress-party supporting media shows how gross failures of the Congress government such as during Assam riots or during the Uttarakhand floods have been consistently played down. Tough questions are not asked to those responsible for mal-governance and the highest most authority of the Congress party is never made answerable or accountable for failures that have led to massive loss of life.

Using euphemisms and terms like “has the political class failed in Uttarakhand” instead of saying has the Congress party messed up in Uttarakhand are just instances of the subliminal mechanisms these corrupt media use to shield and insulate the Congress party from accountability and public wrath.

2) Similarly, even in cases of out-and-out criminality of the Congress through its mega corruption scams, the MSM’s attempts to dignify such condemnable acts, is shameful. Dear MSM, even ordinary non-discerning citizens intuitively understand that some things are beyond debate and most of the looting acts of UPA2 have never even been debate worthy, but deserved to be condemned outright. The MSM’s unwillingness and reluctance to outright condemn looting by the Congress has exposed their hypocrisy to the world. Using obfuscation, technicalities, and legalese where none is needed, the MSM have bent over backwards to protect the Congress from accountability on one hand and public rage on the other.

This kind of kid-glove approach towards Congress’s humungous loot becomes all the more conspicuous when they infinitely outrage over comparatively minor infarctions of those in the BJP.

No doubt, in the process of trying to keep the Congress party from having a sullied image, these MSM honchos have successfully blackened their own faces, but that’s another matter.


(To be Continued)